Delivery Fees Notice

Knight King Reserves The Right To Adjust Delivery Pricing After Order is Made Online. We Will Call To Adjust the Pricing If Your Delivery Falls Under The Adjustments Below: 

  • Washington DC – $10 Base
  • Maryland or Virginia – $20 Base
  • $1/mile if 10 miles+ from 1101 Connecticut Ave NW (HQ) After 25 miles from the address it’s $2/mile
  • There’s a surge of $5-$20 based on traffic every day (Usually from 3PM to 7PM) +$5 if we have to go around a toll road
  • All fees go 100% to the driver, that is how they are compensated. Traffic reports are based on but not limited too
  • If the driver waits more than 5 minutes they will leave and you will have to pay the delivery fee even if your order is refunded.
  • If you have selected pay with debit card, you must have your PIN number in order to use this payment method. We can only charge your card increments of $5. Ie: $120, $125, $130 but cannot charge $128.